Doctor takes Belgium to court to force coronavirus testing in airports

Doctor takes Belgium to court to force coronavirus testing in airports
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Doctor David Bouillon on Tuesday took the Belgian State and the Walloon Region to court to force them to organise screening tests for the new coronavirus (Covid-19) at airports.

“We are trying to obtain an injunction from the (Brussels civil) court against these two authorities to ensure that all passengers returning from red zones are checked immediately at the airport before leaving the transit zone,” Bouillon’s counsel, Benoît Lemal, told a press conference on Friday.

The hearing of pleadings will take place Monday morning.

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Bouillon and his medical-social association Lagardère are currently carrying out rapid screening tests for coronavirus in several Belgian cities. In the coming days, they will be in the next few days in Plancenoit, then in Namur, Liège, Charleroi and Mons.

“Notably, there are a lot of workers, employees or self-employed, who are very happy to have this test, whose results are known in a few minutes, to avoid contaminating colleagues or customers,” Bouillon said.

“In February, we didn’t have these tests. But today, in July, we have them. It is vital to test more to combat the risks of infection and avoid reconfinement. Too many people have died without dignity and too many people who were not Covid have not been treated on time,” he added.

Bouillon took legal action to ensure that these rapid tests are now systematically carried out on people returning to Belgium after a stay abroad in a red zone, in order to limit the risks of a further wide spread of the virus.

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