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Coronavirus: hospitalised population is getting younger

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The hospitalised population is getting younger compared to the period from mid-March to June, Covid-19 inter-federal spokeswoman Frédérique Jacobs says on Friday.

Between mid-March and June, 50% of those admitted to hospital were 71 years old or older. “In the more recent period, but which involves fewer hospitalised patients, 50% of people are over 65 years old,” Jacobs said.

“We have also been able to show that this is probably because fewer people are being transferred from nursing homes. We have the impression that the situation is much better under control now than it was in the first wave,” the spokeswoman concluded.

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As far as deaths are concerned, the proportion of people under 65 years of age who have lost their lives due to Covid-19 seems to be higher than at the peak of the first wave of the epidemic in Belgium.

Between 11 and 20 August, 9 out of 87 deaths involved a person under 65 years of age, i.e. 1 case for every 9.67.

At the peak of the number of deaths, between 5 and 14 April, only 1 case out of 21.65 concerned a person under 65 years of age, i.e. 134 deaths out of 2,901.

So far, a total of 80,178 Belgians have been confirmed to have coronavirus, and 9,976 have died from it.

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