66 care homes in Brussels and Flanders infected with Covid-19
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66 care homes in Brussels and Flanders infected with Covid-19

Credit: Belga

There is at least one coronavirus infection in 66 of the 820 care homes in Flanders and Brussels, Flemish Public Health Minister Wouter Beke told the Dutch-speaking Radio 1.

Outbreaks, meaning more than five infections, have been recorded in three care homes, Beke said.

Compared to the start of the corona crisis in March, these figures are “pretty good,” said Beke. “You can see that in many areas we are better prepared than we were at the beginning of March.”

The minister referred to the many tests that are being taken and to the supply of protective material.

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Beke also said that there is no question of tightening up the measures and the visiting arrangements. “We need to pay much more attention to the well-being of the residents,” he said.

The minister emphasised that people who are admitted to residential care centres still live there for an average of just under two years. He also said that not allowing visits for a long time is not an option for him.

At the beginning of the crisis, “everyone thought that it would be over after a few weeks, but now people are hearing everywhere that it could last for a year or even longer.”

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