Charleroi police officer keeps working despite positive Covid-19 test
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Charleroi police officer keeps working despite positive Covid-19 test

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A police officer in the Charleroi area, who tested positive for Covid-19 but has no symptoms, continued to work without being quarantined, the Charleroi police said Friday.

The local police zone specified that this was in line with instructions from the occupational health service.

The Free Syndicate for Public Functions (SLFP) said it was “strongly concerned” by this decision and the the fact that the officer will not quarantine.

“The doctor decided to have him return to work. This is very disturbing. What is the doctor’s reasoning for judging that the police officer is not a danger to his colleagues and that there is no risk of him infecting other people?”

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The local police zone, via its spokesman David Quinaux, said that it would respect the instructions established by the occupational health service when a positive case of Covid-19 is detected in an asymptomatic employee.

According to those instructions, “the employee who is positive for the virus but asymptomatic is instructed to go to work. If there are symptoms, then he must follow his doctor’s instructions,” said Quinaux.

The risk of spreading the virus within the police zone is reportedly low. “Extreme measures are in place,” he said, referring to social distancing and the so-called barrier gestures as well as disinfection of the premises.

“Everything is put in place to avoid the spread of the virus within our services.”

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