Phase 3 clinical trials start on Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Ghent next week
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Phase 3 clinical trials start on Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Ghent next week

Credit: Belga

Phase 3 clinical trials on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will start at Ghent University hospital on 21 January, the hospital said on Wednesday.

In total, 350 people will participate in the study at the hospital’s Centre for Vaccinology (CEVAC).

A number of phase 3 studies will be conducted in Ghent to test vaccine efficacy. A study on the Curevac vaccine is already underway and a new study will follow next week on the Johnson&Johnson vaccine.

“For the vaccination of the entire world population, several vaccines are needed,” explained Isabel Leroux-Roels, head of department. “The move to this Phase 3 trial is good news for the further development and possible approval of an additional vaccine against Covid-19.”

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This vaccine does not use RNA technology like the approved vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna. Rather, it is a vector-based vaccine. Based on a cold virus, it introduces coronavirus S protein DNA into the body. The body thus produces antibodies against the S protein to protect it against the virus.

“This vaccine cannot cause any disease. This type of vaccine has already been developed and approved in the fight against Ebola,” the researchers explained.

Participants will receive two vaccines with an eight-week interval. They have a 50% chance of receiving two doses of the active Covid-19 vaccine and a 50% chance of receiving a placebo.

The study on this vaccine is taking place in several centres around the world. In total, Johnson&Johnson is seeking 30,000 participants.

In Belgium, 3,000 healthy adults who have not been infected with coronavirus will take part in the study.

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