Flemish hospitals can vaccinate some 20,000 staff in the next two weeks
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Flemish hospitals can vaccinate some 20,000 staff in the next two weeks

Credit: Belga

Flemish hospitals will be able to vaccinate some 20,000 people over the next two weeks, Flemish Welfare Minister Wouter Beke said Friday.

At the beginning of the week, the Flemish health agency announced that the region would receive only 38,600 doses of the 66,690 initially planned, and the hospitals had been forced to postpone the vaccination of their workers.

It was agreed at the time that hospitals would receive a new quota of Pfizer vaccines once they had been delivered, which is now the case.

On Thursday evening, the 13 hospital hubs in Flanders were therefore informed of the number of people they would be able to vaccinate from now on.

Vaccinations can start immediately as the doses are available.

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A further 45 hospitals will also receive doses of Moderna vaccine. Some 6,200 doses will be delivered next week and 5,400 the following week.

“After the emotional rollercoaster that our hospitals had to go through due to the delivery uncertainties that upset the planning, we now hope to give them a clear perspective today,” Beke said.

“The number of vaccinations is still slightly less than originally planned, which is due to what Pfizer decided earlier this week,” he told VTM, referring to the fact that production lines were adapted, causing delays in delivery.

“But what is important is that we can restart the vaccinations,” he added.

The vaccinations will be reserved for emergency and intensive care staff.

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