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Nursing professionals in Brussels to protest on 20 June

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Nurses and nurse’s aides have been called on to stage a demonstration in Brussels on Sunday 20 June by the Union4U union.

The applause that rang out each night from the balconies of countless Belgians for months, in support of medical professionals, “fell on deaf ears among our politicians,” the union noted. Now, the nursing profession needs to be revalorised, with human and financial resources, it added.

“It’s important to drive home the importance of revalorising the profession by granting it the human and financial resources it needs to function well,” the autonomous Belgian union of nursing professionals said in a press release.

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To make sure this appeal for help is heard, “nurses and nursing assistants are invited to demonstrate in Brussels on 20 June,” Union4U said. ”Nursing staff need to finally be taken seriously and they must be heard,” it added.

Members of the public have also been asked to place a white sheet at their windows on 20 June to show support for nursing professionals.

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