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Suspected Ebola case taken into custody at Brussels Airport

An individual thought to be infected with the Ebola virus was isolated this morning at Brussels Airport and taken to St. Peter’s Hospital in Brussels, reported the Airport and the Federal Public Health Authorities to the Belga News agency. This confirms an initial report by Bel RTL. The individual fell ill on a Brussels-bound flight from Freetown, in Sierra Leone. The crew immediately informed Brussels airport officials and the Belgian Health Authorities, said Jan Eyckmans, spokesman for the Federal Health Authorities. The plane landed in Brussels around 4:30 and the airport procedures in place for Ebola were followed.

According to Florence Muls, spokesman for the airport, “The Airport’s onsite doctor and fire-fighters boarded the plane and decided to transfer the individual to hospital”. Teams from the Federal Public Health Authorities, already present when the plane landed, took over patient care.

The individual was transferred to St. Peter’s Hospital in Brussels for tests and placed in quarantine. The test results are expected later this afternoon.

The other passengers on the flight were also submitted to further checks at the airport, said the Federal Public Health spokesman.

(Source: Belga)