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Erasme Hospital gets a 250-million-euro facelift

The Erasme university hospital (ULB) has been preparing its streamlining over the past 5 years following 2 recovery plans. In addition to a comprehensive review of the institution’s administrative infrastructure, Erasme is going to get a facelift thanks to a brand new 80,000 m2 building, the plans of which were revealed on the hospital’s Anderlecht  site. “New Erasme” will be built on the southwest section of the campus. It will incorporate the current building’s day care centre and west wing  and nestle next to the Institut Bordet, currently being refurbished. After a budget shortfall of 21 million euros in 2006, the hospital launched 2 successive recovery plans, balanced the books in 2010, and started planning its restructuring effort.

“We are moving into the 21st century and our infrastructure was partially outdated,” explains Patrick Goblet, managing director. “Hospitals are moving on, hospital stays in particular are getting shorter,” explains Alain De Wever, president of the management board of Erasme hospital. The new structure will allow Erasme to create synergies with the Jules Bordet institute, where work began a year ago.

In particular, the 2 establishments will share an operating theatre with 20 units. 10% of the 250,000-euro budget for this work will be covered by public authorities. Work will start in 2018 and should be completed between 2023 and 2025.

(Source: Belga)