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HIV self-screening tests beginning Wednesday in pharmacies

HIV self-tests for screening HIV, allowing anyone to know whether to worry about possibly being infected with the Aids virus will be available beginning Wednesday at pharmacies.
In Belgium, 1,001 new cases of HIV were reported in 2015, which represents an average of 2.7 diagnoses of HIV per day, stated Monday the Scientific Institute for Public Health (ISP) in its annual report.

“Beginning Wednesday it will be possible to purchase a self-test at pharmacies for about 25 euros,” stated a spokesperson for Minister of Health Maggie De Block (Open Vld). “One simply takes a blood sample from a finger or a sample from the mouth. If the result is positive, one must go to the doctor for an analysis, which is the only way to know with absolute certainty if one is infected.” Additionally, all persons diagnosed with HIV will be reimbursed for their medical treatment beginning next month.

The Public Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies must also decide on the amendment proposed by Minister De Block which would authorize HIV tests to be done by persons without medical training. Such as social workers or staff working for non-profit organizations.

(Source: Belga)