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More than 500 police burnouts in a year

The federal police’s “stress team’’ service carried out more than 3,500 consultations between 1 May 2017 and 30 April 2018, of which 504 concerned cases for burnout, according to figures transmitted by the Minister of the Interior Jan Jambon to the socialist deputy Nawal Ben Hamour. The information is developed Saturday by Sudpresse papers. Statistics also mention 145 cases of depression.

“These men are not robots. They are simply exhausted. Since the terrorist attacks, the pressure on their shoulders is huge. Minister Jambon wanted to hire 1,400 inspector candidates this year, but it was only possible to find 800,” stresses Mrs. Ben Hamou.

For his part, the Minister of Interior clarified that training programs were proposed to make the hierarchy sensitive to burnout prevention. Stress would be linked to complicated hierarchy relationships and to a general deterioration on the field, according to the newspapers.

“An awareness training on burnout detection for all staff will be developed,’’ adds Minister Jambon. “Stress management workshops are already organized several times a year, as well as wellness trails, that enable staff to address management stress techniques and to practice them beyond the professional sphere.’’

The Brussels Times