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Less sugar and fat in our food than 5 years ago

The Agriculture and Food Industries Federation (FEVIA), the Federation of the Belgian Retail Industry (COMEOS) and the Public Health Service (SPF), made a first positive assessment of five years of efforts (2012-2017) aiming at proposing “healthier’’ food to Belgian consumers. In different categories of transformed products, the levels of sugar and saturated fat tend to decrease if one considers first and foremost the most consumed products.

This is notably the case for breakfast cereals, stipulate all three federations, which reveal a 5.8% decrease in the presence of sugar in these very popular products among children. These figures, which concern the product’s evolution from 2012 to 2017, have been “weighted so as to take into account the market share of the brands themselves and that of their manufacturers.” The biscuits (-3.2%) and “products with chocolate’’ (-1,2%) have seen their saturated fat decrease generally, asserts the sector.

These sweets were part of the product categories that were pointed at in the “Balanced Food Convention,” signed by the Minister and the Public Health Sector in 2016, with the aim to formalize the efforts made for several years in combating overweight and unbalanced nutrition.

The Brussels Times