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ULB fake taxi rapist does not appeal against conviction

Credit: belga

44-year-old Yassine B., who was convicted of a series of rapes and assaults at the end of June, has not appealed his conviction, according to the public prosecutor’s office in Brussels on Tuesday.

The Brussels criminal court had sentenced the man to 12 years’ imprisonment on 30 June for his crimes. The former driver of the Brussels transport company STIB picked up the young women at night and raped them, often when they were drunk, Belga reports.

“I’m not a sexual predator. I don’t go after girls to hurt them,” he told the judge, reports Het Nieuwsblad. “I admit that I have abused some of them, but I have never threatened them or used violence to have sex with them,” he added.

The incidents took place between 2016 and 2019. B. drove around the campus of the Brussels University ULB at night.

At least nine victims

In November last year, the man was caught after a ULB student was kidnapped and raped. According to the student, who told her story on the Facebook page ULB Confessions, she was picked up on a Saturday night by a driver of a grey Citroën who posed as a driver of the taxi service Collecto. An investigation based on her statement led shortly afterwards to the arrest.

She confessed to two rapes and one assault, but according to the court, the man had at least nine victims. The court ruled that the man had acted like a real sexual predator, and should be considered a danger to society.

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