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Hold-up at a bakery in Brunehaut

A bakery in Brunehaut, near Tournai, was subject to an armed robbery on Saturday. The suspects fled towards France, the Mons-Tourai Prosecutor’s Office said on Sunday.

The incident happened on Saturday, at around 4pm, in the Simon bakery on the rue des Combattants in Bléharies, Brunehaut.

Two individuals, wearing gloves and faces hidden by hoods, stormed the store. The cashier fled to a room behind the counter. During this time, the suspects pulled out and made off with the cash register drawer. The two individuals fled towards the French border in a car with a French number plate.

“Several people witnessed the attack, but none of them can give us any information on the suspects or the type of car they used”, Christian Henry, King’s Prosecutor for the Mons-Tournai area, said on Sunday afternoon.

The amount stolen was not given by the Prosecutor’s Office.

(Source: Belga)