Two minors steal 30,000 euros from a lady in her seventies while she’s at home

Two minors stole 30,000 euros in cash out of a 72 year old woman’s handbag while she was at home, the Liège Prosecutor’s office revealed on Sunday. The two adolescents, born in 1997 and 1998 respectively, went to the house of an Oupeye resident who was born in 1943. When she came to the door they said they wanted something to eat and needed the bathroom. She refused to let them in. One of them pushed past the victim and went into the house. He stole a handbag containing 30,000 euros in separate sums.

When asked to explain why there was so much money in her bag, the victim replied that she did not have a bank account.

Thanks to her description of the suspects, the police were able to take them into custody quickly. When they found them, they were in a car with an adult. The adult they were with has done nothing wrong, the Prosecutor’s office added.

During a search of one of the suspect’s homes, investigators found around 28,000 euros on a shelf. After confessing, the two suspects will appear before a youth judge. They will then be placed in an institution if there are places available, according to the Liège Prosecutor’s office.

(Source: Belga)

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