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Soufiane A. was interviewed in Syria while armed

The president of the 49th chamber of the Brussels correctional tribunal spoke about a report that showed defendant Soufiane Syria. Soufiane A. was shown armed in the report. The president of the tribunal spoke about the report on Tuesday, during the terrorism trial of the so-called “Syrian cell”. Thirty-two people are listed as defendants in the case. They are charged with sending candidates for armed Jihad to Syria, and training them. “Mr Soufiane A., it would appear that you feature in a documentary shown on the French channel TF1 in February 2014. You say that you will fight until you die. Is that your blurred face?”, the president of the tribunal asked. “Yes, that’s me. But that’s not my voice; it’s the journalist reporting what is being said. And I’m not sure I said that”, replied Soufiane.A.

The tribunal also spoke briefly about a video showing Abdel A. in Syria. He was dragging corpses behind a 4X4, to take them to a mass grave. Abdel A. is also one of the defendants, but is not present in court. He is also suspected of being part of a Verviers terrorist cell that was dismantled in February. Abdel A. is also charged with kidnapping his younger brother, Younes A., and taking him to Syria with him. Their father has started civil proceedings to get information on his younger son. On Tuesday, the federal prosecutor said they had no information on Younes A.

The trial will continue on Friday. 

(Source: Belga)