Béatrice Berlaimont was held in a vehicle

Béatrice Berlaimont was held in a vehicle

On Thursday, Arlon Public Prosecutor's office announced that as a result of the re-enactments that took place over 4 days this week, it became clear that Béatrice Berlaimont was held in a vehicle. The re-enactments were organised in and around Arlon, and aimed to track the key stages of the abduction and murder of the young girl.  The re-enactments were held over the course of 4 stages between Monday evening and Thursday. The first stage took place in the Coulée Verte, where the main suspect, Jérémy Pierson, re-enacted his meeting with Béatrice Berlaimont on November 21st, 2014.

The investigators then moved onto the Caserne Callemeyn area on Tuesday. According to the information released by the Public Prosecutor's office, the young girl was probable held in a Volvo car fro November 21st to 25th. On Wednesday, the re-enactment was taken to a location between Virton et La Malmaison, on the French-Belgian border. It is thought the victim was held here, most probably in the same vehicle. The last re-enactment took place on the Thursday in a forest in Sesselich, where Béatrice Berlaimont's body was left in December 1st, 2014.

Jérémy Pierson described what he had done in detail. He stuck to his original story although he added extra information. The Public Prosecutor's office declined to comment further. The entire re-enactment operation was filmed. It mobilised between 65 and 120 police officers.

(Source: Belga)  

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