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Footballer Dimitri Parker to undergo psychiatric assessment

This Tuesday, Liège Criminal Court decided to postpone to June 23rd the remainder of proceedings involving Dimitri Parker, a 24-year-old footballer charged with numerous counts of fraud and breach of trust. The court wants the defendant to undergo various types of psychiatric and psychological assessment before they rule on this case. Dimitri Parker, a former professional footballer, committed numerous acts of fraud and breach of trust as he became addicted to a life of luxury. he unscrupulously managed to persuade his victims to lend him large sums of money totaling 52,000 euros, which he spent on his extravagant lifestyle.

The Prosecution called for a 52-month custodial sentence. His partner, who was an accessory to, but not the instigator of, various scams is also looking at a possible 8-month sentence. There is, however, a second case open, involving similar acts of fraud and breach of confidence. In this second case, the investigating judge has ruled Dimitri Parker must undergo psychiatric assessment for the court to understand the case and the man better.

Parker’s lawyer, Mr Rodeyns, claims the defendant’s behaviour is the result of a compulsive disorder. Tuesday’s hearing revealed that the psychiatrist who was commissioned to undertake the assessment on Dimitri Parker requested extra time because he would also like Dimitri Parker to submit to the complementary expertise of a psychologist. Proceedings will resume on June 23rd on the basis of the various reports provided and a judgment is expected on June 30th.

(Source: Belga)