Five and ten-year prison sentences for leaders of “wigged gang”

This Thursday, Brussels criminal court sentenced Hakan U. to ten years in prison and Cihan C. to five. The two men were found guilty of being the leaders of an organised criminal group, nicknamed the “wigged gang”. The members of the gang disguised themselves with wigs and masks and perpetrated around 10 robberies in 2014. Hakan U. and Cihan C were found guilty of being leaders of an organised criminal group which carried out robberies in February and March 2014 in Wavre-Sainte-Catherine, Hoeilaart, Beersel, Zaventem, Namur, Etterbeek, Schaerbeek and Brussels.

The gang was particularly known for having used heavy weapons to attack the Le Saint-Georges restaurant in Schaerbeek, Mabru (the Morning Market of the City of Brussels) and the bpost office in Zaventem.

They also robbed the Les Drags riding school and one in Hoeilaart in February 2014. In these cases, two wigged men in search of the school's safe, forced their way into the riding school and threatened those present with military-standard weapons. The owner challenged the attackers and was shot twice. He recovered from his injuries.

(Source: Belga)

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