“Authorities are determined to continue fighting terrorism”, says Charles Michel

“Authorities are determined to continue fighting terrorism”, says Charles Michel

The Prime Minister Charles Michel praised “the determined work of police and justice department” following the twenty or so house searches which took place in Belgium on Monday, as part of two investigations into Chechen jihadists. Police and courts “once again showed authorities are acting and determined to continue the fight against terrorism and radicalism”, he added. He spoke about the 12 new anti-terrorist measures, announced by the government the day after the anti-terrorist operation in Verviers. The Prime Minister also said that during the last budget check in March 2015, the government set aside 200 million euros to reinforce security in the country. “There will never be even a small place in our democracy for those that represent a danger to our countrymen”, Charles Michel said.

The Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon said “investment has once again proved necessary”. “The fight against violent extremism remains one of our absolute priorities. That is why we are making sure the police services that fight radicalism and terrorism, like the special units, have the money and equipment they need”, he added.

The Justice Minister Koen Geens spoke of the “intense and excellent” teamwork the police and justice department displayed on Monday. They want to “take advantage of legislation that allows judicial services to deal with this type of serious crime, with the help of specific search methods”. A total of 21 houses searches took place simultaneously on Monday, as part of two terrorist investigations involving Chechen jihadists. 16 people were arrested.

(Source: Belga)

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