Committal order against 2 men accused of murder in Brussels metro

Committal order against 2 men accused of murder in Brussels metro

The council chamber in Brussels has ordered that 2 of the 3 men suspected of murder at the Rogier metro station in Brussels on May 20th, 2013, be arrested. The case was referred to the court’s indictment division which will rule on whether their trial will take place at the assizes court, revealed the Brussels prosecutor on Wednesday. According to the daily La Dernière Heure, the 3rd suspect will be tried in Algeria. The indictment division will now rule as to whether Zahl. Z., in preventive detention at the Saint Gilles prison, and Bilal H., who is still at large, will be dealt with by the assizes court. It will review the case soon and decide to send the 2 men in front of the assizes court or in front of the criminal court if the case is filed as a “crime”.

The 3 suspects were at the Rogier metro station in Brussels when they ran into a rival on May 20th, 2013. This individual had been sentenced by Brussels courts for stabbing one of the suspects. The 3 men decided to exact revenge. They punched the victim several times, then they stabbed him. The 3 men then fled to Algeria.

Only one of them, Zahl Z., whose attorneys are Mr. Yannick De Vlaeminck and Mr. Hamid El Abouti, has been charged in Belgium. He was arrested in Morocco after leaving Algeria. A second suspect, Bilal H., who is reputed to have wielded the knife in the stabbing, is still at large. The third one, Amine D., is in police custody in Algeria, and local authorities have refused to extradite him to Belgium. He could face the courts there on criminal charges for what happened in Brussels.

(Source: Belga)  

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