Owner of cannabis plantations may get 4 years

The public prosecutor requested 4 years in prison for the manager and initiator of several cannabis plantations at criminal court trial in Liege on Monday. A total of 8 plantations were dismantled after bringing in a profit estimated at 524,000 euros over the course of several months. 20 other defendants are facing prison sentences of between 6 and 30 months. 8 cannabis plantations were dismantled in the Liège and Ghent areas late 2014. The plantations were managed by an organised Turkish-Vietnamese network.

A man called Attila ran the network with the support of several intermediaries who helped him put in place plantations inside various rented buildings. The key men were Turkish. Lower in the chart were Vietnamese from Hungary, who specialised in growing the plants. They were being exploited, earning only 800 euros per month. A 524,000-euro profit was allegedly made with 8 plantations in 7 months.

The prosecutor requested different sentences depending on how involved suspects were. Against the leader, who is still at large, the substitute asked for 4 years’ imprisonment. His accomplice, who served as intermediary, may get 30 months in prison. 4 suspects close to the head of the organisation may be sentenced to up to 2 years in prison.

10 people acting as “front men” or renting the buildings taken over for plantations are facing 2 years in prison. 5 sentences of 8 months were requested for the Vietnamese ‘gardeners’. The judge will rule on July 31st.

(Source: Belga)  

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