Syrian national charged by Brussels prosecutor

Syrian national charged by Brussels prosecutor

A 32-year-old Syrian national who had pictures on his mobile phone of fighters posing with decapitated heads, was charged with criminal conspiracy on Tuesday, revealed the daily La Dernière Heure on Wednesday. The spokesperson for the Brussels prosecutor’s office confirmed the news. The man was driving without a licence and was stopped after going through a traffic light on Schaerbeek’s Rue d'Aerschot. His nervous attitude led policemen to search his car. They found 2 photos shot in Syria on the driver’s mobile phone.

One of the pictures shows 4 unhooded men posing alongside 2 decapitated heads and the other shows a hooded man holding one of the heads in his hands.

The man’s home was searched but nothing was found. The suspect has resided in Belgium legally since 2006. He was brought before the Brussels prosecutor. He said his brother, who is currently in Syria, sent him the photos to show the jihadists’ barbarity. The investigating judge in charge of the case deemed this sole explanation insufficient and that a thorough investigation was required. The suspect was charged. Nothing was found to support his version of the facts.

(Source: Belga) 

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