The man suspected of stabbing two people in a Culruyt store in Jette set free

A 33 year old man suspected of stabbing two people in a Culruyt store on Friday has been set free by the investigating judge, the Brussels Prosecutor’s office said on Saturday. He is still being charged with assault, illegally staying in the country and illegally holding a weapon. According to the early stages of the investigation, he was provoked by the victims, so it could have been legitimate self-defense. The incident happened on Friday evening, just before the Culruyt closed. At around 8.45pm, the police were called to deal with a fight involving several people. When they got there, officers found two injured people lying on the ground. They were taken to hospital in a critical condition. One of the victim’s lives is still in danger, the Prosecutor’s office has said.

The suspect, who was hiding in the store toilets, went with police as soon as they found him, the Prosecutor’s office said. He showed them where he had hidden the knife he stabbed the victims with.

When he was being interrogated by police, he claimed he was insulted and provoked by the two victims. On Saturday afternoon, he appeared before the investigating judge, who decided to let him go. He has no criminal record.

The two victims have not been able to give their statements yet. The investigation continues.

(Source: Belga)

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