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Two Belgian-Moroccan hijackers in custody in Tangier

On Tuesday, two Moroccan men who were born in Brussels were arrested in Tangiers, in the North of Morocco. They are suspected of hijacking several trucks in the town, La Libre Belgique reported on Thursday.

The suspects, Mokhlis L and Yonus Z, are both in their forties and have long criminal records in Belgium. They include drug smuggling, rebellion, theft and assault.

Police found a veritable gangster’s arsenal in one of the suspect’s apartments. Balaclavas, masks, guns, 335 bullets and smoke bombs, as well as fake car registration plates and handcuffs, were found. The thieves also had a satellite phone, cameras and a frequency jammer.

This case has nothing to do with terrorism, according to Moroccan investigators.

(Source: Belga)