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Nephew of alleged Daesh recruiter arrested in Charleroi

A presumed recruiter for Islamic State was arrested on charges of involvement in a terrorist group last October. His nephew was also charged and remanded in custody by an investigating magistrate in Charleroi on Tuesday.

Youness E., from the Charleroi region, was arrested and charged with involvement with a terrorist group this Tuesday. The young man is a nephew of Samir Chafik, an alleged recruiter for Daesh arrested last October in Marchienne-au-Pont (Charleroi), who allegedly boasted about training future jihadists in the Soleilmont woodland area (Fleurus).

During his interrogation, the man, who was previously sentenced several times for violent acts, admitted he supported Daesh theories and approved of torture and beheadings. He denies working as a recruiter however, and claims he was “only paintballing” in the woodland area.

One of Samir Chafik’s nephews, a 17-year-old, has been in a detention centre since mid-December. He is suspected of being radicalised and of posting videos showing abuse on social networks. The nephew’s brother was also charged on Tuesday, and will appear before Charleroi Council Chamber on Wednesday.

(Source: Belga)