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A domestic dispute might be behind the Rendeux tragedy

Investigators from the Luxemburg Prosecutor’s office are thinking a domestic dispute led to the Rendeux tragedy. The bodies of Vinciane L. (26) and Nathan K. (27) were found in their house in Rendeux.

There was no sign of forced entry and the doors were locked from the inside. Early evidence seems to indicate Vinciane L. killed her partner before killing herself. The young man’s body was found in a pool of blood in the living room. The young woman was found drowned in the bath.

They were found by members of the couple’s family, who called the police. The medical examiner’s office, the magistrate and crime scene laboratory went to the scene. The case has been handed to the Federal judicial police. The investigation is ongoing, but it should reveal what led to the tragedy. The couple had an 18 month old son. He was found safe and sound and handed to his family. 

(Source: Belga)