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The Dison imam will have to leave the country

Dison mayor Yvan Ylieff was informed of the Foreigner Litigation Council’s decision on Thursday. It has refused an appeal by Dison imam Shayh Alami, who was sentenced to be deported for radical preaching.

Shayh Alami’s appeal to the Foreigner Litigation Council was rejected on Thursday. That means there is now almost nothing stopping Shayh Alami’s deportation, which was decided for the second time in March 2016. “I am disappointed that the government couldn’t apply a decision originally made in July 2015 sooner. The government has proven it can improvise by allowing this case”, says Yvan Ylieff.

The imam now has 30 days to leave the country. If he doesn’t, measures will be taken and he will be deported by force. An appeal to the Cassation court is a possibility, but this procedure would not delay his deportation. The recent decision only concerns the imam himself and not his family, who will be allowed to stay in Dison.

(Source: Belga)