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Machete attack at Charleroi: two of six suspects imprisoned

Charges have been made against two of the six persons included in the investigation on a machete attack against two women police officers of the Charleroi Precinct. The operation, which took place Wednesday in relation to the attack of last August 6th, led to an accusation of participation in terrorist group activities and attempted murder within a context of terrorism, stated today the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. A third person was arrested for 24 hours, and the other three suspects were freed.

Examining judge Paul D’Haeyer ordered eight searches: four in Farciennes, two in Charleroi, and one each in Châtelet and Fleurus. The searches took place Wednesday at dawn. The aim of the raids was to find possible accomplices of Khaled Babbouri, the person behind the machete attack which took place on August 6th in front of the Charleroi police station. Two women police officers were seriously injured by the attacker, who was then apprehended.

Wednesday night, following long hearings, arrest warrants were issued for a man and a woman for participating in terrorist group activities, as well as attempted murder, in the sphere of terrorism. An examining judge will decide this afternoon on possibly keeping in custody a third suspect.

(Source: Belga)