The police database made available to the Foreigner’s office

Workers from the Foreigner’s office now have access to the police’s national database. The State Secretary for Asylum and Immigration, Theo Francken, put this on his blog on Sunday.

They consulted it for the first time last week. It will now be easier for the Foreigner’s office to find out if a person is a danger to public order and national security.

The database contains all fines handed out by the police. The Foreigner’s office didn’t have any direct access until now. If the analysis of a person’s file shows they may be known to the police, Foreigner’s office workers can then go to the police.

The police decided to make the database directly accessible in July 2015. Theo Francken says the Foreigner’s office is the first non-police service to be given access to the database.

(Source: Belga)

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