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Gilly stabbing: victim still in a critical condition

A domestic argument between a couple from Gilly (Charleroi) turned nasty on Saturday evening. The woman stabbed her partner twice using a kitchen knife. He underwent emergency surgery, but is still in a critical condition. The suspect will not be questioned until Sunday as she is mentally unstable.

The reason for the fight remains unclear. It took place at the couple’s house in rue Tatante in Gilly on Saturday evening. The woman grabbed a knife during the fight, and stabbed her partner in the buttocks and thorax. A passer-by managed to get the victim out of the house and get him to the emergency services.

The victim underwent emergency surgery, but is still in a coma. The Charleroi Prosecutor’s Office has said his life is still in the balance. The woman was taken into custody by local Charleroi police, who had to break down the door of the property. She was not able to be questioned on Saturday evening because of her mental state. She will be questioned on Sunday before being assigned an Instruction judge. She will be tried for attempted murder.

(Source: Belga)