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Family drama in Seraing, the mother still being questioned

A mother, born in 1970, is in custody for killing her son, who was born in 2006. This was announced by the Liège Prosecutor’s office. The woman, who lives in Bois Saint-Jean in Seraing, is suspected of murdering her son using an axe. She also attacked her daughter, born in 2002.

The mother, who was widowed several years ago, has struggled to deal with the death of her husband. The Prosecutor’s office said she was known to have developed depression after he died. Her psychological state had degenerated over the last few weeks.

The mother killed her son with an axe at around 3.30am on Sunday morning. His older sister, who was woken by the noise, managed to escape to a neighbour’s house. The Prosecutor’s office has not released any information about the arrest itself. The daughter was taken to the CHU hospital in Liège.

The mayor of Seraing, Alain Mathot, told RTL-TVi that he has requested psychological support for the family’s neighbours and the police officers that dealt with the crime scene. The mother was still being questioned on Sunday afternoon, despite her troubled psychological state. An arrest warrant had been requested.

(Source: Belga)