Brabant killings – General Prosecutor De Valkeneer is convinced “some people are ready to talk”

On Saturday, the Liège General Prosecutor Christian De Valkeneer told La Libre Belgique he was “convinced there are people who know the truth. Some of them are ready to talk”. He said they could provide “actionable” information in the Brabant killings case. Investigators have received more than 500 pieces of information in six weeks. “We got a really important piece of information as recently as Thursday”, said Mr De Valkeneer. He is the one in charge of the investigation.

Christian De Valkeneer admits it is very likely that mistakes were made during the investigation. “But luck has a part to play in every investigation. We didn’t get lucky. There were also limited methods available at the time”, he explained.

The Liège General Prosecutor said no-one tried to sabotage the investigation from the inside. “But, people tried to sabotage it from outside. Some statements aimed to mislead investigators”.    

(Source: Belga)

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