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69 people falsely remanded in custody in 2017

In 2017, no less than 69 people (35 Dutch-speaking and 34 French-speaking) were remanded in custody despite not being charged with anything in the end, La Dernière Heure reported on Sunday. This is based on figures obtained by the MR Federal MP Gautier Calomne, who got them from the Justice Minister Koen Geens.

This led to the Federal Justice Service paying out a total of 480,228 euro in damages last year. It paid 300,911 euro to 44 people to 2016, 306,001 euro to 52 people in 2015 and 335,897 euro to 49 people in 2014.

La Dernière Heure said these amounts are linked to cases of unjustified preventative detentions and not to cases of unfounded convictions, which was a separate amount.

The Brussels Times