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Couriers sue Take Eat Easy in France

Over 100 French couriers have filed a lawsuit against the former Belgian company Take Eat Easy for disguised employment, employing undocumented foreign workers and VAT fraud, Le Soir daily reported on Tuesday. The 109 couriers, represented by attorney Kevin Mention, filed their suit on Monday with the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Paris against the company and its four former directors, according to Le Soir, which consulted a 30-page document including statements, e-mails, by-laws on social media and pay slips.

They also highlighted the subordinate relationship they had with the former platform, which delivered food using bike couriers. About half of the plaintiffs say they never signed a work contract with the start-up, nor did they have any ‘numéro d’autoentrepreneur’, the registration number that self-employed persons are required to have under French law.

The document also accuses Take Eat Easy of employing “foreign labour not authorized to work in France”, according to Le Soir.

Take Eat Easy filed for bankruptcy in 2016 after two years in operation.

The Brussels Times