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Minor confesses to killing sex worker in Schaerbeek

A 17-year-old minor arrested on Wednesday has confessed to killing a 23-year-old Nigerian prostitute on the 5th of June in Schaerbeek, the office of the public prosecutor (OPP) of Brussels disclosed on Thursday. The suspect said he fatally stabbed the young woman in the “context of a dispute after a paid sexual relation,” the OPP said.

A juvenile judge has decided to place the young man in a juvenile detention centre.

S., the suspect, was born in 2000 and “is well known to the police services and the juvenile court for robberies with violence and burglaries”. He was already the subject of measures of protection in 2017.

On Wednesday, he was heard by the police services and handed over to the Office of the Federal Prosecutor. Since he is a minor, he falls within the jurisdiction of the juvenile judge, who immediately ordered that he be remanded to a juvenile detention centre.

Once the investigation is completed, the prosecution will be able to request that the minor be placed within its jurisdiction.

The Brussels Times