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Naked truck driver ploughs through traffic

Nine people were injured when a naked truck driver ploughed through parked and moving vehicles in Bierbeek near Leuven on Friday. “The truck driver was totally naked,” police chief Walter Vranckx told the VRT. “At first we thought it was someone from the local psychiatric hospital, but he turned out to be the actual truck driver. He was himself seriously injured, and was taken to hospital.”

Four of the nine injured were passengers on a De Lijn bus which collided with the truck. The collision brought the errant truck to a stop finally. Another woman was slightly injured as she sat in her car by the side of the road.

The bus had to be taken away by a tow-truck, while De Lijn services in the area were held up for a time as a result. The driver then fled on foot before being brought down by his injuries.

The cause of the incident remains a mystery. The driver is in custody.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times