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Double murder brings number of women killed this year to 25

© Belga
© Belga

The double murder in Plombières has been described as a family affair, but the “stop femicide” blog, notes that their death brings to 25 the number of women killed as a result of macho violence this year, Le Soir newspaper reported on Friday.

The two women, who were knifed to death late Wednesday afternoon at Plombières, were the former wife and mother-in-law of the assailant. The younger woman had already filed a complaint against her former partner.

According to Le Soir, the two women were reported as the 24th and 25th female murder victims this year on the Stop Femicide blog.

The blog keeps a count of the number of women killed in one way or another because they are women and whose cases have been reported in the media. The manner of death includes domestic violence, sexual violence followed by murder, and fatal beatings of prostitutes

In 2017, the site counted 39 female murders.

According to federal police statistics, 14 people have died as a result of domestic violence, but the statistics were not broken down by gender.

Céline Caudron, joint head of the Mirabal Platform, which keeps a record of the number of female gender-related killings, explains that “most women killed were murdered by partners or former partners”. “This is part of a cycle of violence that has been there for a long time now,” she explained. “This is not about quarrels or conflicts, but power relations and domination.”

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