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Victim’s father receives letter from Marc Dutroux

Jean Lambrecks, father of Eefje, one of the victims of Marc Dutroux, on Wednesday evening received a letter sent by the lawyer of the convicted kidnapper, murderer and child molester. “As was to be expected, it’s a major publicity stunt by a lawyer with plenty of time and few clients,” Lambrecks reacted. “It’s a pamphlet without any sense. The letter wasn’t even translated. The translation costs are so to speak for us.”

Jean Lambrecks received the letter through his former attorney. In the letter, Dutroux said he was ready to answer the questions of the victims’ families if they had any. The letter appeared to be one of the conditions that Dutroux would have to fulfil to be released on parole.

“If I were Marc Dutroux, I would start looking for another lawyer, because this is only causing damage,” Lambrecks’ partner, Els Schreurs, commented.

Lambrecks had sent many letters to Marc Dutroux, but never received a response or any other reaction.

Dutroux was sentenced to life imprisonment and placed at the disposal of the Sentence Enforcement Court for 10 years for the kidnapping and murder of Eefje and three other girls. Two other girls whom he had abducted and abused were found alive and rescued.

The Brussels Times