Marc Dutroux has no means to pay damages

Marc Dutroux has no means to pay damages

Marc Dutroux has no means to pay indemnities, can be read in the letter written on his behalf by his lawyer Bruno Dayez to the victims’ families. He owns nothing, and is incapable of fulfilling this demand, says the letter. The lawyer adds that the Arlon criminal trial did not answer all of the questions. “Marc Dutroux has, just as most of the convicted have, ‘his’ truth, which never coincides completely with the judicial truth.’’

The letter mentions Dutroux’s detainment, after his arrest 22 years ago: he spent a large part of his sentence in isolation. The lawyer says he does not want to hurt or upset the victims’ families. According to him, a criminal act implies that victims and culprits are, inevitably and in spite of themselves, “connected.’’ “Their whole life has been brutally modified (…) That Mr. Dutroux may express his regrets by confessing his own faults directly to you is, in my opinion, beneficial to all.’’

The lawyer underlines that the intention is not to provoke or reopen wounds, but really to initiate “restorative justice.’’ He invites the victims’ families to ask questions, or to express their feelings to Marc Dutroux. “Not only should he hear them, which is part of the punishment he is submitted to, but it could perhaps also bring some relief to your own pain,’’ according to Mr. Dayez.

The letter is also within the legal framework, for three conditions to an early release are directly linked to the victims, among which the prisoner’s attitude towards them.

“All are left free to react as they wish to this letter,’’ the lawyer concludes.

Marc Dutroux was condemned to life imprisonment for the murder of Julie, Mélissa, An and Eefje. Laetitia and Sabine had been found alive in his home.

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