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‘Everyone wants the same thing: find Theo Hayez’

Credit Belga

“We try to help each other, since we all have the same goal: find Theo Hayez,” said the Belgian cell for Missing Persons investigator detached in Australia this week to clarify the disappearance of the young Belgian. Theo Hayez was seen for the last time a month ago in the resort town of Byron Bay.

“We are here to see how we can put everyone’s information together on the table, to compare and then integrate to get a better picture of all that could have happened,” the agent said. He is accompanied by two Federal Judicial Police investigators.

All three pursue their work with their Australian counterparts on Monday in Byron Bay, investigating on the disappearance of the young man from the beach resort (New South Wales, East Coast).

“Since the start, we have had good cooperation with the Australian police, but mainly by phone. With the distance, the time difference and a different legal system in Australia, it has been quite difficult to grasp everything,” the investigator said.

“Now that we are here, we have a better understanding of things, can pursue our collaboration more efficiently and have answers to our questions,” the investigator continued. He described an environment that is “not easy at all” in the semi-tropical region of Australia’s east coast.

“As with any disappearance, before we find the person, we have no idea what is going on. We work step by step: we follow priorities and close doors. A lot of doors have closed in one month,” he said, without being authorized to communicate on the content of the investigation.

The three Belgian investigators should return to Belgium on Wednesday.

The Brussels Times