Forced marriages tripled in Belgium in just 3 years

Forced marriages tripled in Belgium in just 3 years

Belgian police have been able to register an increasing trend of forced marriages in Belgium.

In 2015, 10 forced marriages were officially recorded, in 2016, the number increased to 15, in 2017 up to 21 and last year, police registered 27 such cases, Interior Minister peter De Crem reported to Le Soir.

Gynaecologist also report that young Belgian women have to ask for a certificate of virginity, usually before marriage.

In 2017, three cases of forced legal cohabitation were noted, compared to only one in 2016, according to authority figures. The exact number of child marriages is not explicitly mentioned.

The Belgian civil code article 146, stipulates that a matrimonial union is null when it does not have not the consent of both two parties, or when this consent was obtained under threat or violence.

In addition, one must be of legal age to be able to marry. Forced legal marriages and cohabitations are punishable by law in Belgium.

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