Vlaams Belang still in the lead in Flanders, Socialist Party on top in Brussels

Vlaams Belang still in the lead in Flanders, Socialist Party on top in Brussels

Vlaams Belang remains the most popular party in Flanders according to the polls, with 28% of the predicted votes (up 0.7% compared to December). 

In Wallonia, the Socialist Party (PS) has gained ground while Ecolo has overtaken the PTB to take third place, according to a Le Soir-RTL-TVI-Ipsos-Het Laatste Nieuws-VTM poll published on Saturday morning.

In Brussels, the Socialists took a narrow lead over Ecolo-Groen. 

The PS is still leading the polls in in Wallonia, up 1.7% compared to the previous poll in December (25.5% compared to 23.8%). The MR has kept second place with 19.6% of the predicted votes (20.5% in December). 

The increasingly popular PTB has overtaken Ecolo to take third place. The Socialists have 18.6% of the predicted votes (up 2.1%) and the Greens have 15.5% (down 1.7%). 

The cdH is continuing to lose support with 7.5%. DéFI has 5.1%. 

In Brussels, the PS and sp.a have just edged ahead of Ecolo-Groen.

The Socialists have 20.5% of the predicted votes compared to 20.3% for the Greens. They are followed by the MR (17.6%), the PTB (12.2%), DéFI (10%) and the cdH, which still has less than 5% (3.8%). 

In Flanders, Vlaams Belang has confirmed its position as the most popular party with 27.3% of the predicted votes.

The party was also in the lead in the previous poll back in September. The N-VA is still second with 20,7% of the predicted votes (down 1.4%), but it has lost a little support. The CD&V is still the third party with 11.7% (up 0.3%). 

Behind them is Open Vld, which has gained a little bit of ground (10.3%, up 0.4%), followed by the sp.a (9.6%), the PVDA-PTB (9.3%) and the Greens (8.8%). 

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