Vlaams Belang still in the lead in Flanders, Socialist Party on top in Brussels
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Vlaams Belang still in the lead in Flanders, Socialist Party on top in Brussels

Vlaams Belang remains the most popular party in Flanders according to the polls, with 28% of the predicted votes (up 0.7% compared to December). 

In Wallonia, the Socialist Party (PS) has gained ground while Ecolo has overtaken the PTB to take third place, according to a Le Soir-RTL-TVI-Ipsos-Het Laatste Nieuws-VTM poll published on Saturday morning.

In Brussels, the Socialists took a narrow lead over Ecolo-Groen. 

The PS is still leading the polls in in Wallonia, up 1.7% compared to the previous poll in December (25.5% compared to 23.8%). The MR has kept second place with 19.6% of the predicted votes (20.5% in December). 

The increasingly popular PTB has overtaken Ecolo to take third place. The Socialists have 18.6% of the predicted votes (up 2.1%) and the Greens have 15.5% (down 1.7%). 

The cdH is continuing to lose support with 7.5%. DéFI has 5.1%. 

In Brussels, the PS and sp.a have just edged ahead of Ecolo-Groen.

The Socialists have 20.5% of the predicted votes compared to 20.3% for the Greens. They are followed by the MR (17.6%), the PTB (12.2%), DéFI (10%) and the cdH, which still has less than 5% (3.8%). 

In Flanders, Vlaams Belang has confirmed its position as the most popular party with 27.3% of the predicted votes.

The party was also in the lead in the previous poll back in September. The N-VA is still second with 20,7% of the predicted votes (down 1.4%), but it has lost a little support. The CD&V is still the third party with 11.7% (up 0.3%). 

Behind them is Open Vld, which has gained a little bit of ground (10.3%, up 0.4%), followed by the sp.a (9.6%), the PVDA-PTB (9.3%) and the Greens (8.8%). 

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