Groen lists broken electoral promises made by parties now in government

Groen is assessing federal and Flemish policies and those of parties in government (N-VA, CD&V, and Open Vld) one year on after the May 25th, 2014 elections. According to Groen, the parties broke at least 10 major electoral promises in the past year, although they were either feasible, or suitable alternatives could have be implemented. The increase in the pension age, the change in the system linking income and inflation, and the decrease in public spending in education infrastructure, directly contradict the electoral programme of at least one of the parties in power.

Groen presented its list officially on the Grand Place in Antwerp on Monday, “as the country is clearly run mostly from Antwerp Town Hall.” The party can see a common theme as well in all these abandoned promises. “A lot was promised to the average guy during the campaign, but no-one hesitated to trample him very quickly,” comments Groen president Meyrem Almaci. “But as for asking the richest citizens to contribute more, there is always plenty of time.”

Groen also accuses government parties of delaying the end of nuclear power, of maintaining fiscal privileges for second homes, of not increasing benefits above poverty levels, of investing less than promised in health services and of regularly nominating people on political grounds.

(Source: Belga) 

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