“Muslims danced after the attacks”: The PS asks if Michel will caution Jambon

“Muslims danced after the attacks”: The PS asks if Michel will caution Jambon

The PS federal MP Ahmed Laaouej and Brussels MP Emir Kir asked whether Prime Minister Charles Michel will caution Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon on Sunday. This comes after his controversial statements and attitude regarding the Muslim community after the Brussels attacks.

Everyone who took part in the march against terror in Brussels streets on Sunday “says No to Mr Jambon, who wants to divide Belgian society”, said Mr Kir, when questioned by Belga.

He spoke of an interview with the New Flemish Alliance Minister, which appeared in De Standaard on Sunday. In this interview, Mr Jambon said “a large part of the Muslim community danced after the attacks”.

Mr Jambon also spoke about people throwing stones at police when Salah Abdeslam was arrested. “We can arrest terrorists, and isolate them from society. But they’re just what we see. Underneath is a cancer that is much more difficult to treat. We can do it, but it will be a long process”, he added.

Mr Kir and Mr Laaouej have asked Prime Minister Michel to caution him because of these statements.

At the request of some of the other parties, Jan Jambon will explain himself on Wednesday afternoon (20 April) before the parliament. According to them "the whole Muslim community now feels insulted and targeted by his statements.”

(Source: Belga)

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