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    Michel wants new government to be formed quickly

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Outgoing Prime Minister and MR president Charles Michel called for new governments at all levels to be formed as quickly as possible on Sunday. He particularly wants the federal government to be formed very soon after the general elections on the 26th of May. He said a long period without a fully functioning government could be dangerous.

    He warned that having no government in place for a long period of time could hamper employment and affect people’s well-being when he appeared on the VRT television program De Zevende Dag.

    Mr Michel presented himself as a “bridge-builder”, but attacked both the Ecologists and the Greens by saying they wanted to install new taxes. 
    He said the N-VA leaving the federal government in December last year was a “nice present” for the left-wing parties.

    Michel said it was a missed opportunity for the Flemish nationalists, who wanted to win votes through their stance on immigration at the upcoming elections.

    But the Prime Minister did admit that the MR had suffered because of the N-VA’s decision. This was proved by recent polls which seemed to indicate the French-language liberals will lose votes.

    The MR president once again said he thought an alliance between the N-VA and left-wing parties would lead to chaos as it would make governing impossible and create more poverty. 

    Sarah Johansson
    The Brussels Times