Greenpeace: Belgium's governing parties 'excel at climate sabotage'

Greenpeace: Belgium's governing parties 'excel at climate sabotage'

The parties that make-up Belgium's current governing coalition "excel at climate sabotage," a Greenpeace report concluded Thursday.

The environmental interest group drew the conclusions after conducting a survey, in which it asked the current candidates of the four coalition parties — the N-VA, the MR, CD&V and Open CLD— to define their position on a number of climate and environmental issues.

"Our survey shines a light on parties' climate tendencies," Greenpeace spokesperson Juliette Boulet said. "Namely, that the suédoise coalition excels at climate sabotage."

Boulet went on to say that a "great majority" of candidates in the upcoming Belgian federal and regional elections gave answers that warranted a "red card," adding that CD&V refused to make their position clear.

The survey asked candidates to define their position on a range of issues, from global climate governance and legislation to specific policy questions on agriculture, transport and energy.

While the report concluded that most parties except the N-VA and the Open Vld favour a "binding law for climate, it found that most of the parties of the current governing coalition are opposed to more straightforward measures, such as reviewing the countries agricultural policy or considering a ban on motor vehicles in a near future.

On May 26, Belgians will head to the polls to vote in federal, legislative and European elections.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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