Christine Defraigne wants to relaunch the MR party based on progressive liberalism
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    Christine Defraigne wants to relaunch the MR party based on progressive liberalism

    Credit: Belga

    The Reformist Movement (MR) must use the next five years to relaunch itself, based on progressive liberalism. 

    At least that’s what the former president of the Senate, Christine Defraigne, told La Libre Belgique on Saturday. 

    “We have to reaffirm the MR’s progressive liberalism. We are activists, agents. The MR may have reached a critical stage”, the Liège councillor said.  

    Mrs Defraigne said the traditionalist parties were “greatly shaken up” during the elections. The Liège governor has formed an alliance with the PS. The PS has even backed the MR away from the governmental negotiations in Wallonia, Brussels and the Federation. 

    “Who are we? What do we want to achieve?”, she asked, alluding to the “Swedish” coalition. She fought against home visits, which were judged a threat to fundamental rights. 

    Mrs Defraigne said her party had not paid enough attention to social evolution in large cities, the future of industrial areas and artificial intelligence. 

    She also said it was necessary to set up a framework for economic liberty and that it was important to share wealth and pay attention to climate issues. 

    “Reaffirming all that in a manifesto or a liberal values charter is essential. The future MR president will have to relaunch the party”, Mrs Defraigne said. 

    The current MR president is outgoing Prime minister Charles Michel. He took over from Olivier Chastel in February. He will remain president until the electoral process and the governmental negotiations are over. 

    Sarah Johansson

    The Brussels Times