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Vlaams Belang outspends other parties on online advertising

Credit: Belga

Vlaams Belang and its key politicians are continuing to invest heavily in Facebook adverts. 

They spent more than 100,000 euros in just one month.

The party manages the ‘Vlaams Belang’ and ‘Tom Van Grieken’ accounts and spent around 80,000 euros on Facebook adverts in one month.

By comparison, they spent 600,000 euros on online adverts during the last election campaign.

The account belonging to MEP Tom Vandendriessche splashed more than 22,000 euros on Facebook publicity in a single month. 

That’s a lot more than other parties have spent. The N-VA spent 3,203 euros on Facebook advertising over the last month and the Greens spent 1,273 euros.

The Brussels Times