Coronavirus: Withholding tax and VAT deadlines extended

Coronavirus: Withholding tax and VAT deadlines extended
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Finance Minister Alexander De Croo has ordered the Federal Public Service for Finance to grant an additional deferral for the payment of withholding tax and VAT for the month of April, the minister’s office said Tuesday.

There had already been a deferral for March, which created a liquidity cushion of €4.5 billion for the self-employed and companies.

“Many businesses are being hit hard by the measures to combat coronavirus. In March, we had already decided on a further deferral of payment for withholding tax and VAT. Since these measures extend into April, I have also decided to grant an additional delay for the month of April,” said De Croo.

The payment deadlines for withholding tax and VAT are extended by two months. The postponement of payment means that payment can be made later without the tax authorities charging interest on late payments and fines.

The deadline for payment of withholding tax is now 15 July. For VAT, it is 20 July.

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